The Nepal Transportation and Development Research Centre (NTDRC) is the spin off non-profit company which has its roots in the Nepal Engineering College (NEC). Two pioneers - Dr Chandra Bahadur Shrestha and Late Prof. Deepak Bhattarai, the NEC's founding principal envisioned that research and academic programmes have to march hand in hand. Such a symbiotic relation not only nourishes academic programme but also underpins the industry sophistically. At present, the NTDRC has expanded such mutualistic relationship not only with NEC but also with other relevant academic and professional organisat... Read more..

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Mr. Ram Chandra Shrestha

As the Secretary of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, Urban Development and Transport Management – Gan... Read More.

Dr. Chandra Bahadur Shrestha

Chandra is endowed with experience of three decades in transport, water supply and other local infrastructure... Read More.

Mr. Madan Gopal Maleku

Madan is one of the fast tracker highway engineers who climbed up Department of Road’s hierarchy from a fresh... Read More.

Dr. Padma Bahadur Shahi

Dr. Padma Bahadur Shahi is an experienced Traffic and Pavement Engineer. He completed his M. Sc. in Highway... Read More.

Mr. Naresh Kumar Shrestha:

Naresh has firm grip on the local development ranging from human rights to social inclusion and periodic plan... Read More.

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Road Safety

Road safety is an integral aspect of our daily lives, impacting millions around the world. The roads we travel serve as pathways for our...


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